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Mura is North Raleigh's spot for one-of-a-kind sushi and tasty Japanese cuisine.
Neighborhood Bar & Grill
Cameron Bar & Grill is your place for great American food and mouthwatering drinks.
Bull City Sushi
Basan is Eschelon's first restaurant in Durham, serving up sushi and much more.
Edwards Mill Bar & Grill
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Cocktail Bar
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The Bare Essentials of Southern Hospitality
Southern food and down-home cookin’ with 24 beers on tap.
Dinner Menu: The Full Basan Experience
Whether you're craving creations from earth, land or sea, you're sure to be impressed with Basan's dinner menu. Our kushiyaki, ramen noodles, vegetables and sides paired with sake is unbeatable -- come try them for yourself in Downtown Durham.


Edamame GFA

Salted or shichimi garlic


Miso Soup GF

Miso soup with tofu, wakame seaweed, green onion


Corn Potage GFA

Creamy corn soup


Sunomono Salad GF

Cucumber, seaweed, and kanikama with sanbai-zu dressing


House Salad GF

Iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and carrot topped with our house dressing


Seaweed Salad GF

Mixed seaweed salad


Avocado Seaweed Salad GF

Spring mix, seaweed salad, avocado, tomato, and cucumber topped with our house dressing



Kara Miso Ramen

Egg noodle, braised pork belly, bean sprout, green onion and soy poached half cooked egg in spicy miso pork soup

Large - $14



Egg noodle, shrimp, chicken, fish cake, nappa cabbage, bean sprout, carrot and green onion in pork & chicken soup

Large - $14


Tempura Udon

Thick wheat noodles in a soy fish broth, with fishcake, spinach, and green onions, served with assorted tempura

Large - $12


Tokyo Ramen

Egg noodle, braised pork belly, bean sprout, green onion and soy poached half cooked egg in soy chicken soup

Large - $14



Shishito Peppers GFA

Sautéed Japanese sweet pepper, garlic, and soy sauce


Brussels Sprouts

Lightly fired and tossed in a wasabi vinaigrette


Okinawa Potato GF

Roasted purple sweet potatoes with cinnamon brown syrup


Aonori Green Beans

Tempura fried with green seaweed flakes, served with sweet chili aioli



Grilled broccolini tossed with wasabi vinaigrette


Kinoko Mushrooms GFA

Sautéed assorted mushrooms with garlic soy


Asparagus GFA

Sauteed asparagus with garlic sautee


Fingerling Sweet Potato GF

Garlic fried


Veggie Plate

Choose 3 items from above


Shared Plates - LAND

Ishiyaki Beef*

Angus NY beef for guests to cook tableside on Japanese stone, served with ponzu, kizami wasabi, korean BBQ sauce, and yuzu jalapeño sauce



Crispy fried chicken tossed with sweet and spicy sauce, served with yuzu aioli



Home made pan fried pork dumplings with chili aioli


Ponzu Chicken GFA

Grilled chicken thigh meat and onion with radish, ginger, ponzu, kalware, and shichimi pepper


Pork Kakuni

Braised pork belly and grilled broccolini, served with karashi mustard


Beef Tataki GFA

Pan-seared Angus NY beef with garlic jalepeño


Agedashi Tofu

Deep-fried tofu with tendashi sauce, served with grated radish, grated ginger, and kaiware


Niku Tofu

Braised beef and tofu cooked in sweet soy broth with poached egg


Shared Plates - SEA

Ebi Fry

Panko fried shrimp with wasabi cocktail and wasabi tartar


Ika Age

Spicy curry seasoned fried calamari, served with wasabi cocktail sauce


Salmon Tacos*

Fresh sashimi salmon, wasabi guacamole in wonton shell with soy salsa



Shrimp and assorted vegetables


Maguro Cream

Sauteed tuna with wasabi cream spinach


Miso Black Cod GFA

Baked miso marinated black cod, sautéed spinach, miso wine sauce, eel sauce



Salmon, crab, cream cheese, jalapeno and cilantro wrapped with soy wrap and deep fried; spicy sesame and smoked onion aioli


Broadway Menu Entrees

Chicken Teriyaki GFA

Grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce


Korean Style BBQ Steak

Grilled NY steak with Korean style BBQ sauce


Citrus Soy Salmon GFA

Sauteed Atlantic salmon with soy butter and lemon


Ahi Panko

Panko crusted yellowfin tuna steak with honey balsamic and wasabi tartar


Pork Tonkatsu

Deep fried breaded pork loin with wasabi tartar and tonkatsu sauce


Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp and assorted vegetables


Vegetable Tempura

Assorted vegetables



White Rice GF



Brown Rice GF



Garlic Fried Rice GFA

Green onion, butter


Sushi Rice

Steamed and seasoned with rice vinegar


GF - Gluten Free
GFA - Gluten Free Available

* These items are served raw or cooked to temperature. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please inform your server if you have food allergies or special dietary requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


  • Baked Salmon (2)
  • BBQ Beef Short Rib (2)
  • Miso Black Cod (2)